Can You Really Get Paid To Test Apps And Games

You may find offers on the internet, suggesting that you can get paid doing “app testing”.

Initially you may reject an offer like this, since it may not be clear that you can get paid, just for sitting and playing games or using an app.

While there are many other scam offers on the internet, testing of apps is actually a real opportunity.

Companies actually need people to play their games and use their apps, to have any errors and bugs ironed out.

If a game is boring and full of errors or an app is buggy and lacking features, it will have no chance to bring back the money invested in making the app.
So the companies need us to test their apps and give them feedback and error reports.

This actually means, that there is work involved, in being an app or game tester. We need to plan how to test, need to document the problems, report it to the game developer, and then when we gat a new version, we need to repeat the same test.

This is often done using survey forms, or web reporting tools, so the information gets to the companies in a way so they can act on the information.

This work can seem boring, still imagine you can get your hands on brand new games long before it becomes available and long before your friends even see it.
And then get paid to play the game.

How much can you earn testing apps and games? It depends on the company, on how much time you spend, on the importance of the app or game for the company. It can vary between $9 and $80 for a testing session. It is very much depending on what you will work for and what the companies are willing to pay. If your required pay is too high, then you will not find companies willing to pay, and if their offered rate is too low, they will not find anybody willing to do the testing.

Who can be a tester? Anyone really, from 15 years and up. The more experience you have in using apps and playing games will already have given you the basic knowledge you need.

How to get started, well if you have read this, you have already started. You should read more, use the search engines for information and find testing forums.

In a later article I will outline the research I did to get started.

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